Bob & Lonnie Keeler


Retiring after 40+ years in the retail world it seemed that opening a store of our own was the perfect fit for Robert Keeler.  His family including his wife Lonnie, call him Robert but most of his life he has gone by Bob.  There is a great story to go with this and we will be glad to share it when you visit the store.  Bob enjoys meeting all our customers, listening to their stories and sharing his own stories of life and of the local history and gossip.


You can often run into Lonnie at the store behind the register, assisting customers and doing all things to make the Kubbyhole a pleasant place to shop.  After a career in education and finance Lonnie spends some of her time at the store but to be honest it is not her first love.  Dancing is what she lives for.  She has never stopped learning tap dance and when she does take a break from that she is teaching tap dance, choreographing tap routines, line dancing or dancing around the house.

Bryce, Blake Mekho and Sadie


The daughter of Robert & Lonnie, the wife of Blake Townsend and work-from-home mother of 2 children, Mekho and Sadie, Bryce’s passion for interior design, and her creative personality, help her to create displays throughout the store and guide the on-trend merchandise assortment.  She is also the creator of many of the homemade signs and products In the Kubbyhole. You’ll find her influence throughout the store.


Hailing from Oklahoma Blake is married to Bryce. This Marine is a family man first but has accomplished much more. Serving as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic he is a true first responder. Blake is the man behind Penn Rose Farm Doors.  You will find his handcrafted doors, shutters, headboards and more all displayed throughout the store.

Mekho & Sadie

Their jobs are very basic.  Mekho’s is to be cool and Sadie’s is to be as cute as possible.  They are both very good at their jobs.